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Your new dentures represent a serious investment in replacing the form and function of your missing teeth. While they will not succumb to the effects of tooth decay, providing your dentures with daily care and cleaning will extend their lifespan and ensure a comfortable fit with your underlying gum structure.

Denture adhesive is popular with many denture wearers for the extra-secure hold it provides and the ability to block out stray food matter from irritating the gums.

Make sure to give your dentures a thorough rinsing when you take them out of your mouth at the end of each day. This will help clear away residual denture adhesive and provide a smooth surface so you can reapply the denture adhesive the next day. It’s best to brush all the surfaces of your dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a little nonabrasive denture polish. You can then store your partial overnight by soaking it in water and keeping it in a safe place.

If you only have dentures replacing one set of teeth, whether upper or lower, you should brush and floss your remaining natural teeth per your daily oral hygiene routine. You might also find that brushing your tongue helps remove excess plaque and bacteria to reduce chronic bad breath issues.

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