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If you want to maintain pearly white teeth, then it’s important to brush your teeth twice a day, floss your smile once a day, and rinse your mouth daily with mouthwash. It’s also important to visit your dentist, Dr. Casey Witty or Dr. Daniel Watkins, every six months for a routine cleaning and exam that will include a tooth-polishing treatment. In addition to those four things, you can also avoid eating the foods and drinks that can stain your teeth, which are:

Fruits and berries: Blueberries, blackberries, pomegranates, and cherries are known for staining teeth. So, it’s best to avoid eating these fruits and berries as well as juices and pies that are made from them.

Wine: Red wine is notorious for staining smiles because of its rich, dark color. However, even white wine can make your smile susceptible to stains because it has acid that can wear your tooth enamel away, making it easy for the staining particles to set into place.

Sports drinks: Sports drinks can also affect your teeth because they have acidic compounds that can erode your enamel. So, it’s best to drink water while you are active.

Sauce: Deeply colored sauces tend to cause stains as well, especially soy, tomato, and curry sauces. To maintain a white smile, it’s best to switch to light-colored or creamy sauces and try to remember to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth soon after eating them.

Tea: Tea might be considered a healthy drink, but it’s not the best option when you want to keep your teeth white and pristine. Sometimes tea, especially black tea, can cause more stains on your teeth than coffee. Also, herbal and white teas can wear away the enamel and cause stains as well.

If you use our recommendations and tips, you’ll be on the right track toward a white and beautiful smile in Nicholasville, Kentucky. For more information about how to maintain an attractive smile, please remember that you can always call 859-881-4633 and talk to a member of our dental team. We are happy to help you!