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Are your teeth at a heightened risk for tooth decay and cavities? There are many aspects that can cause your teeth to worsen when it comes to oral ailments. Age, oral hygiene, genetics, environmental factors, eating habits, diet, diseases, daily habits, and hormones can all affect your chances of developing tooth decay. Luckily, dental sealants can protect your teeth for many years to come. For a better understanding of the basics, listed below are principles concerning dental sealants:

– Children as young as 6 can safely and effectively profit from sealants on their molars when they grow in.
– According to studies by the CDC, also called the Center for Disease Control, children without sealants are around 3 times more likely to suffer from cavities.
– A single dental sealant can last over a decade before another treatment will need to be applied.
– Dental sealants can lower the effects of dental erosion and can even lower your risk for tooth decay in molars by as much as 80%.
– Dental sealants seek to protect your teeth from dental erosion by preventing harmful acids from eating away at your tooth enamel.
– Sealants will not change the look of your smile, as they are clear and do not cover up the natural beauty of your teeth beneath.

Don’t wait until it’s too late for a dental sealant. If you would like to know if you need dental sealants, please book an oral exam with Dr. Casey Witty and our team at Witty Family and Cosmetic Dentistry at our dentist office in Nicholasville, Kentucky, by calling us at 859-881-4633. We can help you choose the right service for a brighter smile!