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If needed, our dentist and team would be happy to provide high-quality dental crowns to repair tooth decay or dental injury, protect a fractured tooth, cover a large cavity, enhance a misshapen tooth, or complete a dental implant or bridge.

Dental crowns have a reputation for being very durable and stable for your smile, but they still require proper care so that they don’t come loose or fall out. We have assembled a list of healthy practices to protect your dental crown:

– Oral hygiene: Decrease your risk of tooth decay and gum disease and help your crown support your smile by brushing twice a day and flossing daily. Be sure to keep the area where the gum line meets the dental crown clean. An antibacterial mouthwash can help to lower bacteria levels in your mouth, and your tooth enamel can be made stronger with a fluoride toothpaste.

– Dental maintenance: Your daily oral hygiene habits should be combined with routine dental exams and cleanings every six months so that our team can remove any buildup of tartar and address developing signs of gum disease or tooth decay.

– Healthy tooth habits: Your dental crown is more likely to remain in excellent condition if you avoid harmful dental habits such as chomping on ice, opening packages with your teeth when scissors aren’t available, and gnawing on your fingernails. These seemingly harmless habits can damage your smile and crack or dislodge a crown.

For more information about proper dental crown care, contact Witty Family and Cosmetic Dentistry at 859-881-4633 today and arrange a time to speak with our dentist, Dr. Casey Witty.