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If you’re interested in knowing all about plaque, then our dentist, Dr. Casey Witty, is more than happy to help you. Plaque is a dangerous substance that can harm your teeth, gums and smile. It’s best to keep it at bay as much as possible. Fortunately, knowing all about plaque can help you save your smile. So, our dentist would like to share the following plaque facts with you:

-Plaque is a colorless film that sticks to the front surfaces of the teeth, between the teeth and along the gumline. It contains high amounts of bacteria.

-Plaque can severely harm the smile, especially because it can promote tooth decay and periodontal disease. These two dental issues are very destructive and dangerous.

-Plaque is formed by carbohydrates, bacteria and saliva. Everyone has plaque on their teeth and gumline. It’s very important to remove it regularly, which is why oral hygiene is vital for a top-notch oral health. So, don’t forget to brush twice a day and floss once a day.

-Plaque can turn into a toxic substance called tartar if it’s not removed. Tartar is very dangerous and it cannot be removed with a typical oral hygiene routine. You will need a professional dental cleaning to remove it.

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