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Are you aware of what mouthguards are and why they are needed? If for any reason, you need a mouthguard put into place, it is important to speak with your dentist about your options. Depending on the severity of your smile, your oral health care fitness level, and the risks of dental damage, it is probably a better idea to have one custom made. Your dentist will be able to craft a mouthguard for you to fit your exact dental profile. This can help ensure you have the best possible protection.

Another form of mouth guard is known as a boil and bite mouthguard. Boil and bite mouthguards are designed to contour to your natural dental impression by soaking them in boiling water and then biting into them. This will form an outline of your teeth. However, if you want a pre-formed mouthguard that is easily accessible and ready-to-wear, visit a local store for a stock guard. Be aware though that they can be bulky and may hinder breathing and speaking skills.

Once your mouthguard has been selected, you will need to take care of it, so it can continue to provide the protection you need. For young adults and teens, they will need to replace their mouthguards more often, as their teeth are constantly changing and growing. If for any reason your mouthguard should become damaged, visit your dentist for replacement.

There are several things you can do to help keep your mouthguard safe. Always make sure you keep it free of contamination by soaking it in cool, soapy water. Furthermore, make sure it is always fitting correctly and never leave it sitting out in, in hot water or in the sun as it could easily warp and crack your mouthguard. Along the same lines, never allow young siblings or family pets to get ahold of your mouth guard as it can often be used as a chew toy.

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