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Periodontal disease is an oral health condition caused by poor oral hygiene habits. Without professional intervention and treatment, the bacterial presence in the gums can make the soft tissues recede from the lower edge of your teeth. When this happens, a potent infection can form deep in the gingival tissues, threatening the roots of multiple teeth.

As time goes by, severe periodontal infection can result in a loss of bone in your jaw. This could result in the loss of multiple teeth.

When this happens, dental implants could be used to secure a dental bridge. However, this could require two or more oral surgeries and an extended treatment timetable. One fast and convenient method to replace the presence of these missing teeth is to have Dr. Casey Witty fit you for a removable partial denture.

Your dentist will start the process of fitting you for the partial by examining the area to make sure the surrounding teeth are healthy and strong. If any other teeth have also been compromised by tooth decay or periodontal disease, your dentist might recommend having them extracted and included in the final dental appliance.

Your dentist will then create an impression of the area, including the related teeth in your bite pattern. This will be sent to a professional dental lab where your partial will be made to fit perfectly in the void between the two adjacent teeth.

If you have lost multiple teeth in one part of your mouth and you live in the Nicholasville, Kentucky, area, you should call 859-881-4633 to explore the dental appliance restorations offered at Witty Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.