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Did you know your dentist, Dr. Casey Witty, recommends chewing gum often? Well, it’s true. This is because chewing gum can do more for you than keep your mouth busy. It can help your smile if you go about it the right way. To tell you a little more about this wonderful treat, our dentist, is happy to share some chewing gum facts.

-Sugar-free gum can help you maintain a clean smile and prevent tooth decay, enamel erosion, and other dental problems. This is because when you chew gum, you produce saliva. The saliva washes the mouth and removes the harmful bacteria and acid. Just remember to chew sugar-free gum. If you chew regular gum, you can promote the development of cavities while you chew.

-Xylitol is a special ingredient in sugar-free chewing gum. It helps the teeth by making it difficult for the oral bacteria to cling to the enamel and damage it.

-Chewing gum is not recommended when you have jaw soreness or jaw problems. It’s also not recommended to replace your oral hygiene routine with chewing gum. Chewing gum should never replace your brushing and flossing techniques because it doesn’t perform a complete cleaning job.

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