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Dental fillings can stop cavities from damaging your teeth. A traditional dental filling is placed in a tooth after the decay or debris around a tooth has been removed from the cavity. Dental fillings also help prevent cavities from coming back. When choosing the idyllic dental filling for your smile, strive for either dental amalgams or composite fillings.

For more information about dental fillings, consider the following:

– Dental fillings can be damaged and develop leaks and cracks. If a dental amalgam cracks, it must first be taken out and then replaced. If a composite begins to leak, a new layer can be applied without taking out the original one.
– The look a filling can provide plays a role in determining which to use. A dental amalgam will leave a metallic appearance, whereas composites can be shaded to blend in with the natural shades of your teeth.
– Due to allergies and an aversion to mercury, many individuals can avoid mercury-containing amalgams by selecting dental composite fillings.
– The size of a cavity can change which treatment will work best. Usually, dental amalgams are used for large cavities, while tooth-colored composites are reserved for small ones.

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